Black Powder Shooting

Black powder shooter at Portishead Shooting Club We are licenced for both indoor 25 yards and outdoor black powder pistol shooting and are one of the only clubs in north somerset which shoot this discipline competitively.

These guns do not use pre-loaded ammunition...they are loaded with gunpowder and lead by the shooter.

Setting up these weapons is a bit of a labour of love! It's considerably quicker to shoot the pistol than load it...but certainly worth the wait!! Gunpowder is precisely measured and poured into the barrell or cylinder followed by a wad. A lead ball, anywhere up to 50 calibre, is placed on top which is then rammed down tightly to ensure there are no gaps. Grease is spread over the lead ball to prevent a chain reaction in the cylinder. Finally, percussion caps are added and the gun is ready to use.

Shooting black powder firearms can be dirty...but fun!

Our shooters take part in precision percussion pistol and revolver competitions in this discipline. Common brands of black powder revolver are Pietta, Uberti and Ruger.

Please note: any manufacturers, equipment and opinions detailed above are for information and guidance only and are not recommendations by Portishead Shooting Club.


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