Prone Rifle & Sporting Rifle Shooting

We shoot a number of competitions at the Club with .22 rifles - Cumbria and Northumberland, Somerset and NSRA Eley Postal being three.

Prone shooterAs the name suggests, this discipline is shot lying face down. A precision match rifle with sights is placed into the shoulder at the rear. The front of the rifle issupported by the opposite hand which rests on a sling attached to the shoulder on the shooting jacket. Shooters lie on a mat which gives a degree of comfort and protection from the ground and use a spotting scope to magnify the targets for checking accuracy.

We shoot .22 calibre for indoor competition at a distance of 25 yards on a 10-target card, one shot per target. On outdoor the cards are at a distance of 50 yards and have 2 targets, with 5 shots on each. Most of our competitions for prone rifle are postal shoots organised by Cumbria and Northumberland or Somerset but we also have teams which shoot in the 'shoulder to shoulder' Bristol & District competitions which take place at various clubs in the region.

Prices for all equipment varies considerably. The main rifle manufacturers are Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Bleiker, Grunig and Elmiger and Walther, with new rifles costing on average between £1500 to £5000. Bespoke rifles are also available but obviously the cost of these can be significantly more. In addition, shooters need a padded shooting glove (costing around £35 up to around £70), a jacket ( approximately £150 - £700), a sling (£35 to £100) and a mat (£60 to £160). Ammunition is usually in the region of £5 - £10 per box of 50 rounds, depending on quality.

Sporting rifle

A smaller rifle than for prone, it was initially intended for shooting vermin. It's a lightweight .22 rifle used from a standing position indoor at 25 yards or outdoor up to 50 metres. It can also be used in benchrest where it comes under the category of Light Varmint or sporter.

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