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Our outdoor range has 6 firing points with shooting distances of up to 100 yards/metres. The indoor range has 4 firing points, with shooting distances of 25 metres/25 yards.

Things to bear in mind when considering taking up live shooting

Once you have taken up the sport you will no doubt wish to consider buying your own rifle but first you need to obtain a firearms licence. Getting a licence is a long and complicated busines!

Shooting fullbore at Portishead Shooting ClubFirst of all you have to demonstrate that you have a 'good reason' to hold a firearm - just being a member of a shooting club isn't necessarily a good reason as it is also a requirement that you attend the club regularly! Independent referees will have to provide confidential character statements in which they will have to go into significant detail about your state of mind, social situation and attitude towards guns. Your background will then be checked through the Police National Computer and your doctor will be consulted for evidence of drug and alcohol abuse and they will need to provide details of any personality or mental disorder recorded on their files. The Social Services may also be consulted to see if they know of any reason why an application should be turned down. Only after these rigorous investigations have been considered would you be considered for a licence. Prior to the licence being granted you would also be visited by the local police firearms officer who would check your premises and ensure that you have a secure cabinet located in an acceptable part of the house where your guns will be stored.

(Note: Police checks include GP reports and also social worker reports if deemed necessary). In addition, you will need to provide two referees for character assessments.

More information about firearms licencing can be found on the Metropolitan Police website.

If you are considering taking up live shooting then the following may help you in deciding what equipment to buy. As a guideline wherever possible we have given approximate costs for new equipment; second-hand equipment should be significantly less.

What you must have.....

A gun cabinet!

An absolute necessity! Without a cabinet you cannot be considered for owning a firearm.

  • To be made of steel at least 2mm thick and conform to BS 7558 (1992).
  • To be secured to the fabric of the house in a protected area (ie not a garage or an outhouse).
  • To be out of sight from casual visitors.

Approximate cost for a cabinets is between £130 to £250 for a basic model. For an example, please click here.

Our Club is affiliated with the National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Please note: any manufacturers, equipment and opinions detailed above are for information and guidance only and are not recommendations by Portishead Shooting Club.


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